The Riding School in Southern Spain (algo en inglés)

Albero Centro Ecuestre, located just outside the Spanish coastal city of Almería, has been going since the year 2000. There are currently thirty horses and ponies there (plus an open number of farm-animals). The centre is run by Dolores Berrenguel ('Loli') who is a titled riding instructor and offers classes daily except Sundays.
Albero is situated on 4,000 square metres and has an attached residence / community centre and its own well. 
Other services at Albero include organised outings down to the beach, to local festivals or elsewhere; children's birthdays and overnight camp; farm-school; animal-assisted therapy; livery (sixteen boxes are available) and three roofed paddocks and three half-roofed paddocks. .
There is a tack-room, feed and other buildings, a covered yard 15m x 35m, plus two outside fields
Information in English at Tf. 34 649 471 219  

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